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Beyond the Physical

With so many earthly matters to attend to every day, how can we find time to devote to a spiritual practice? We believe that the two go hand in hand. At Grace Fellowship, our goal is help you use the power of the Holy Spirit, biblical mindfulness, grace filled gratitude and most of all LOVE to bring order out of chaos.

Please feel WELCOME! Enjoy our on-line content, come visit us, and join our family! Let us know what inspires you and what could improve your God centered experience. Commit your thoughts to the LORD and then share on our various media pages. We would LOVE to hear from you!


Grace News
                                    By Kim Neely

Ladies of Grace

Beautiful Ladies Blog-March 2023 

Feature Article"

Jesus, Lamb of GOD and Our Passover Lamb

                                         By Peg Ziegler

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We all face hurdles on the path to achieving our spiritual goals. Contact me with your questions.

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